Deep Roots Massage

Workshops for Bodyworkers

For over 10 years, the team of professional massage therapists at Deep Roots has been getting together to deepen our individual practices and learn from each other in the art and science of massage therapy. Every other week or so, we meet up to take online classes together, share techniques and concepts, or have a deep discussion around the complexities of providing the best possible benefit to our clients. Deep Roots also partners with highly skilled local massage and wellness practitioners and teachers who lead experiences, classes and conversations. Topics include; deep dives into anatomical structure, myofascial techniques, body mechanics, discussions around trauma informed care and more.

The new Loft workshop space gives an opportunity to open these gatherings up to a wider group of bodyworkers beyond just the ones who work here. In our experience, more therapist participation translates to more shared experiences, more perspectives and more fun.

If you are a licensed bodyworker or matriculated student of massage therapy who enjoys learning and sharing with a friendly, curious and conscientious group; take a look at our upcoming schedule of events below and sign up to join in.