Welcome to Deep Roots Massage

Deep Roots Massage & Bodywork is a massage practice at 99R Main Street in Keene. Deep Roots helps people to reduce stress, recover from injury, reduce chronic pain and enhance sports performance. Our nationally certified and NH state licensed therapists train and practice together in results-based massage to tailor each session to meet your specific needs ~ every time you visit.

Currently, we're open for appointments:

  • Monday & Tuesday: 8:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Wednesday - Friday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
  • Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Sunday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM

Voted the Best of Monadnock from 2011 through 2019 in the category of massage therapy and best alternative care in the 2015 Monadnock Shopper News Readers' Choice Awards. Recipient of the Keene Sentinel's best therapeutic massage Choice Award from 2014 through 2019. Deep Roots's mission is to provide the highest quality, results-based massage and bodywork to help people to reduce pain and tension and move more freely. The massage techniques and modalities we study and employ include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage.

Please call anytime with questions about massage or consultation on a treatment plan that's right for you.


Deep Roots gives back to our community through volunteer work at local charity events and fund raisers. 2% of our sales are donated to local non-profits supporting health and human services and the arts. We’re also proud members of the Greater Keene & Peterborough Chambers of Commerce, The Keene Downtown Group and Monadnock Buy Local.

What Clients Say...


Jul 25, 2010

Mark is very professional and experienced. I have struggled with shoulder pain and tension for a long time and Mark knows exactly what to do to make me feel much better. I always want the sessions to go longer! :) -K.F.

Simply the best!

May 28, 2010

I have been getting regular massages for years, Mark is as good as it gets, the right balance of relaxation and serious body work. He is talented and knowledgeable and one heck of a nice guy to boot. Schedule an appointment today, you wont be sorry. -M.B.

Deep Roots - for sure

June 2, 2011

Mark has a knack for finding those tight knots that trouble me (with a sore back, neck, and hips). I wish I could have a massage more frequently! Mark is the best! -M.H.

Knowledgeable Personnel with Great Results

I was impressed with the level of perception the practitioner involved in the massage. She knew what was needed to be done to improve my overall health and sense of well being better than I did. A great overall experience I would recommend for everyone. - D. M.

Great First Time

I had my first massage with Mark this weekend. Couldn't have been better. I am already looking forward to the next time. I am also taking Mark's advice to help until I am able to get another massage from him. Thank you. -S.T.

Highly Recommend

Mark was prompt is replying to my appointment request. The on-line services are a wonderful way to meet the needs of a busy professional. His approach, demeanor and techniques are client-centered and holistic. Thanks, Mark! -T.C.

Feels Great!

This was my first massage and was a wonderful experience. Mark is professional and did a great job in relieving the tension in my neck. I'm looking forward to my next massage. -C.Y.

Exceptional client focus

Mark always does an assessment before beginning so he can target his efforts on sore or tense spots. I so appreciate that he is completely focused on what I need, so that the 1/2 hour session gives me the greatest benefit possible. He is both skilled and extremely personable. I always look forward to my time with Mark! -R.O.

Feeling great

When I first went to Mark in June, I was looking for some relief to my lower back and hip pain, emphasis on some. What I have gotten is almost total relief of the pain. I am able to walk without my customary hobble and limp. I have been able to get back on my treadmill again. While I know my degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis are still there, I am able to cope with Mark's skilled work. -G.O.

Athelete and Mark

As a person that bikes, runs, kayaks, swims and competes in running and triathlon events, it's critical to have a good massage therapist through the season. Mark is able to work with me to keep my body working as a whole and not get stuck in bad positions. He's been invaluable to helping me stay flexible and strong. -P.C.

I can walk again

Mark performed trigger point therapy on my legs (my knees have been plagued with arthritis for years) after an hour of gentle pain my knees felt better than they have for years. I was able to straighten my leg when I walked which hasn't happened for many years also. I was very happy with the results and cannot wait for my next session. -D.W.

Perfect for my needs

On my first visit Mark really took the time to get to know me and what I needed and wanted from my massage. He did a wonderful job working on all my "kinks" as well as making sure the massage was a relaxing one -- the perfect combination of taking care of my body and a chance to relax. The space is lovely and Mark is one of the best massage therapists I have had in the last 12 years. -S.T.

Feeling refreshed

When sitting at a computer all day and getting neck & shoulder pain it is a great feeling to have it all back to normal after his massage. I feel like a new person after he has worked on my sore muscles. It is so convenient with him coming to the workplace. I thank you Mark for the great job you are doing. - D.R.

Best Treat!!

I'm an LNA and use a lot of my back muscles, so I figured I would try to see a massage would help me out. Well come to find out it was the best idea Ive had an a long time. I made an appointment with Christine and she did an amazing job. As it was my first time, she made me feel completely comfortable and showed me ways to use my legs more in lifting! I definitely am making this a every other week appointment. Thank you so much!! - A. C.

You've come to the right place

If you want a really good massage, Mark is the person to see. He's friendly, professional, and he takes the time to listen to your health concerns. I always look forward to my appointment; and after he's done his work, I leave feeling renewed. :) Another plus: It is very easy to make the appointment online. -R.M.

Best Treat!!

I'm an LNA and use a lot of my back muscles, so I figured I would try to see a massage would help me out. Well come to find out it was the best idea Ive had an a long time. I made an appointment with Christine and she did an amazing job. As it was my first time, she made me feel completely comfortable and showed me ways to use my legs more in lifting! I definitely am making this a every other week appointment. Thank you so much!! - A. C.

A wonderfully relaxing experience

I highly recommend Deep Roots. After my massage the pain in my neck and shoulders was gone and I felt relaxed for the rest of the day. I was warmly welcomed and well cared for. - K. M.

Best Massage in the Keene Area

Deep Roots Massage is the Best in the Keene Area. Their staff members are warm and friendly and know their Trade. You can put them up against anyone and they will come out with flying colors... Try them you will be hooked. -J.B.

Great Way to Start the Weekend!

I recently had a deep tissue massage by Rachel and it was so helpful. The muscle pain I was feeling in my lower back and hips felt so much better after the massage. I love that you can make appointments on-line as well!! -S.W.

Great Way to Spend Your Break

Taking 15 minutes during the day is a good way to beat work fatigue. Taking 15 minutes to get a massage is the best way to beat work fatigue. These massages are perfectly timed to get the right about of relaxation to be able to refocus on the rest of your day without becoming too relaxed to not want to go back to work. I am a huge fan of my 15 minute massages at work! -W.C.

Great Valentine's Day Present!

It was my first massage but won't be my last! It was very relaxing! My husband picked a great Valentine's present and now I'm hooked! Can't wait to go back! -E.N.

Highly Skilled Massage Therapist

I was passing through Keene for one night and asked the Lane Hotel if they knew of a good massage therapist. They immediately recommended Deep Roots. Mark has an unusual background and used some excellent techniques to relieve back tension that I had never experienced before. -D.L.

Good Quality Time Spent Together

My girlfriend and I went for a massage together and it was a great way for us to spend time together. We decided we are going to make this an event for us every two months. -K.R.

Amazing massage, kind and caring staff

What a great place! As a younger person suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia and, at times, bone pain - I am in pain everyday. Some days to the point of tears. Mark is kind, considerate and great at what he does. I felt safe, comfortable and cared for, and would reccomend them to anyone. :) -S.L.

Most Relaxing

I treated myself to a prenatal message and so glad I did. The office was very clean and inviting. The message was relaxing, therapeutic and professional. From booking the appointment to the end, everyone was friendly, helpful and efficient. I had such a wonderful experience. Thank you. -C.K.


I had a massage with Mark yesterday and it was terrific. I was so relaxed for the rest of the day and the work he could do to help with my TMJ was amazing! Thanks Mark. -K.W.


I highly recommend a massage from Christine - she is awesome. Her massages are the best of the best!!! This is a great way to relax and regroup for the rest of the day. -V.M.

All Good Stuff!

Mark is very good at relieving tension in jaw as a result of TMJ. He provided me some techniques to try out as well if tension is bothering me. Also, some stretching exercises for relieving potential CTS. Highly recommended! Feeling relaxed and without tension finally! Love it! -H.H.

Extremely Comfortable and Professional Setting

I felt very comfortable during this massage. My relaxation and comfort was number 1. My pain has significantly reduced after just one session and I plan on going back. I was also given tips to do at home to reduce my tension which was very helpful. -H.D.


Mark is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I was having issues with both arms and Mark gave me exercises - they really worked - along with his massages. I highly recommend Mark. -J.S.

Massage: It's a Way of Life

In my experience, a good massage can address a wide range of aggravations. It's also a way to maintain health. I'm thankful that at DRMB, the massages are great and affordable! -L.L.

Mark's the Best!

This is my 4th massage with Mark and his magical hands! He always knows just what to work on. Looking forward to booking future appts. with him. -K.M.

Relief Finally!

Mark worked on my neck/upper back to relieve tension and pain. The next day I felt so much better!! Very professional and I felt very relaxed, even in my workplace. :) Thank you! -J.P.

Carol is Great!

I had an excellent massage on Saturday. I love that I can schedule them online when it works for me. Carol did a great job and I left feeling so relaxed after a very busy and tough week. Thanks! -K.W.

Just What I Needed

My massage was just what I needed. I was greeted in a warm and friendly manner. I explained I was hoping to get some relief from lower back pain. Carol listened and was able to work on that area and I received some relief. The atmosphere was professional and caring. I would certainly recommend her to others. -P.H.

One of the Best Hours of My Life

Truly, this was one of the best--if not, THE best, massages I've ever experienced. Mark was empathetic, easygoing, and extremely skilled at what he does--stress relief and muscle relief. I am definitely returning to Deep Roots. -J.D.

Couples Massage

What a wonderful experience to start off "date night," with couple's massage. I especially received help with my sciatica. Thanks, thanks, thanks!! -M.F.


This is my fourth massage with Mark and his ability with deep tissue and trigger point techniques is just amazing! My body forgot all about it's arthritic issues and the results gave me more mobility. -A.D.

Great Way to Spend an Anniversary!

My husband and I went to deep roots for a couples massage. It was my husband's first time getting a professional massage and he completely enjoyed the experience! From scheduling online to getting started on time, the experience was easy, professional and relaxing! -N.J.

RE: Mark R.

X marks the spot...Mark finds it and always works the knot(s) out. Always feel relaxed but invigorated after a massage. Highly recommend! -H.H.

Mark Rebillard is a Healer

I am in Town from New Orleans for several weeks. I was lucky to have found Deep Roots, and Mark. His techniques were Superior, and his manner, Professional, Intelligent & Caring. I wish I could continue therapy with him indefinitely, but will have to settle for my time here in New Hampshire. -A.A.

Deep Roots Massage, YES PLEASE!!

I wrenched my neck and could hardly move without feeling pain. I came into Deep Roots Massage and I am SO glad I did. I left there actually able to move with little pain. I cannot thank Deep Roots enough! I will definitely use them again, and I will be referring Deep Roots to my friends! -K.S.

On-Site Experience

I feel very comfortable with getting a professional massage on-site (Employee Massage) with Mark. He is extremely professional and listens to what your concerns are. Though I have seen Mark on a number of occasions and he is familiar with my pain issues, he is always very mindful to ask throughout the massage if the pressure is to much. The on-site room is very private and is set up as though you were in his actual office setting. -K.R.

Circulatory Success!

Mark has been treating me for a nerve condition in my upper arms which for 15 years has left me with aching cold hands and arms. I am extremely pleased to report that I have for the past month had warmth and improved circulation in my hands and arms. What a wonderful success for us both, and I am looking forward to continued success! A.D.

Best Massage of My Life!

My husband and I have gotten massages many times but this one was tops. Professional, experienced staff, nice, clean space.and wonderful prices. Everything you could ask for! -S.M.

Couples Massage Review

DRM&B did a fabulous job with our couples massage. The environment was peaceful and welcoming. Both therapists were professional. I would absolutely recommend DRM&B to anyone looking for a soothing massage. We'll be back! -T.S.

Couples Massage

I loved the entire experience. The setting was clean, comfy, and relaxing. Both therapists were professional, but totally down to earth which added the overall pleasure of the wonderful massages. -M.B.


My husband and I went for a couples massage and loved it! The room was really clean and really relaxing. The staff was super nice and professional. Will be going back again soon! -J.S.

Wonderful Experience!

I had my first professional massage and it was absolutely wonderful. It was so unbelievably relaxing. Total bliss. I'm already looking forward to my next session and I believe this will be a regular thing for me now. Highly recommended. -D.T.


Both my husband and I were in need of serious stress relief after some very difficult travel. I inquired about massage at my hotel and at a restaurant, and Deep Roots was recommended by each. Both of us received excellent care. The atmosphere is peaceful and the therapists were knowledgeable and caring. -D.H.

Cliff is the Best!

I was so very happy with my massage at Deep Roots. Cliff was the best. It was so relaxing and soothing. He was helpful in letting me know exactly which muscles needed to be worked on and told me what his plans were for my next visit. I love everything about this place. It is also very affordable. -E.N.


I've been going to Mark often and on for several years. Recently I brought in my 11 year old grandson who has been wanting to have a massage for some time. He LOVED it. He felt so relaxed and loose. So did I!! I spent my hour with Mark and he paid attention to what I needed and helped with a stiff neck. I am going back next week!! -M.A.

Mark Rebillard is Amazing!

To start my vacation last week, I had an hour and a half massage with Mark. I couldn't have made a better choice in how to relax and get the most out of a week off. Thank you, Mark. -M.H.


A world of Thanks to Mark for the sports massage I received last Thursday. I walked in with a limp and hip soreness. The next day I played adult soccer, I ran up Mt Wantastiquet Sat, and completed a 6 mile run this morning. You are Awesome! -K.C.


Cassie made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in to Deep Roots! I felt very comfortable with her and loved her approach to massage. This won't be the last massage with Cassie, that's for sure! -M.K.

Professional & Therapeutic

Deep Roots offers a professional, friendly, clean environment to relax in and receive a fabulous massage from experienced and highly trained staff. Whether you have a specific condition, or just need an overall massage for the usual aches and pains, this is the place to go. I will be returning on a regular basis! -V.P.


The best massage I have ever had! She zeroed in on all the painful areas, and totally respected my likes and dislikes. I highly recommend her to everyone, she is a very professional and very skilled massage therapist. -M.H.

Best Massage...EVER!

My husband and I had a couple's massage and had such an awesome experience! Mark was simply amazing and I felt like complete putty (in a good way) after it was over! He seemed to have radar to where all my painful knots were hiding and I'm so grateful! Didn't want it to end. -B.M.


Deep Roots is by far the best massage experience I've had in this area. I'm a truck driver and need a true high pressure deep tissue massage. Cliff Stuckey took care of me 100%. Very professional staff and clean environment. You can even make an appointment via online. Relief and relaxed, I will be going back for sure. -D.E.

Thank You!

Thank you, Cassie, for seeing me for an acute visit. I appreciate your time, healing energy, and attention. Thank you for being there! -T.C.


I was pain free for the first time in two years after my visit with Mark on Friday! I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received at Deep Roots Massage! Very professional and focused on the areas where I needed it the most. Extremely easy to schedule an appointment online!!! Just try them once and find the relief for yourself. -P.L.

Headache Relief!

I had been suffering from an intense TMJ headache for several days. I saw Mark and he worked his magic. He found the trigger points causing me pain and within a few hours I was almost pain free. The following day I WAS. Thank you Mark. -A.G.

Love the New Location

As always a great massage, and now, a beautiful new office space that is wonderful! Mark, keep on doing what you are doing...pure quality. -G.O.

Highly Recommended

Great massage from Rachel! Days later my body still feels great! Highly recommended! Clean and professional environment, I will be calling to schedule my next massage! -A.P.

The Best!

I recently had a 90 minute massage to have them work on an acute back ache that I had for almost a month. After 1 session the ache is gone. Very knowledgeable and professional therapists. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and will be a repeat customer. -L.D.

Cassie is Awesome!!!

I came in a physical wreck, tighter than a drum and Cassie worked on me I mean REALLY Worked on me! 1 day later I am feeling so much better. Headaches subsided and much looser. Thanks Cassie! I have know Cassie for a number of years what a great addition to DRM&B. -M.B.


Great Body work. Great Deep tissue. Totally satisfied with my visit. Felt great for days after. Cassie Did a great job. -S.O.

Best Prenatal Massage!

Cassie did an awesome job! I would highly recommend her to anyone...she even loosened up problem areas that other professionals never could. If you are pregnant, definitely go see her! -R.D.

Couples Massage

My fiancé and I felt comfortable with the staff, they were professional yet friendly and humorous, which we both appreciated and he especially felt more comfortable being able to express how nervous he was and that we were all able to "laugh it off" so to speak during the couple’s massage we received. Lorissa converted him into a massage believer! –ED

Extremely Comfortable

The massage therapists made me feel extremely comfortable and I was able to tell them exactly what I wanted. The front desk staff was very welcoming. My husband and I both felt incredible after our couples massage. –SL


Deep Roots Massage was very clean. When you walk in you are greeted very nicely by everyone there. The massage rooms are very clean, comforting, and warm. The staff are extremely friendly, professional, and take the time to listen to what you are looking for. It is a very calming, sincere, and professional experience. – SS


I tell everyone how wonderful Deep Roots Massage is. I have had massages with several therapists since I need to work around my work schedule to book a massage. They have all been wonderful. I worked as a professional massage therapist for 10 years. The therapists at Deep Roots are experienced and very well trained. Deep Roots Massage is also very friendly, professional, clean and fabulous therapy service. They make you feel right at home! –VP


The front desk staff is always welcoming and accommodating. I like being able to schedule online and get reminders. I almost always see Mark, but it is nice to know that other friendly, knowledgeable staff are always available. I like that the staff are valued and are constantly undergoing different kinds of training. Thank you for all you do. –KP

Great for Group Outing

We came as a group of 4 and were able to have our massages at the same time. Everyone was courteous and professional. We all enjoyed our massages and look forward to coming again. Thank you! –JD


Your office staff and professionals are very friendly and helpful in a very relaxed atmosphere! I will recommend your business to everyone I know who needs a massage! - JDG