Deep Roots Massage

Deep Roots Offshoots is a nonprofit with a mission to bring massage therapy to where it's most helpful.

Massage therapy has a unique potential to improve a person’s quality of life and comfort during stressful times.  As therapists and avid clients, we know that a massage can be an extraordinarily meaningful experience, reducing pain and anxiety, creating a sense of peace and improving sleep.  

For our first offering, we’ve partnered with local hospice to provide in-home massage for people enrolled in palliative care and their primary caregiver.*   

We’ve teamed up with two amazing organizations for our pilot project: 

The visiting nurse team at Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services (HCS) will connect DRO therapists to local patients who would like to try massage therapy.  

The Healwell Organization, a non-profit dedicated to teaching massage therapists how to provide care safely and effectively in clinical environments provides ongoing consulting, training and support.

Our goal is to quickly grow in area and capacity.  Most importantly, we’re working to create the systems of support necessary to enable a robust, sustainable and scalable offering.

If you’d like to join us in supporting Deep Roots Offshoots, please click the secure payment portal below or mail a check to Deep Roots Offshoots, 99R Main St, Keene, 03431. Donations of any amount are welcome and your contribution will go directly toward the pilot program.  

If you have a card from HCS with an invitation to receive massage form Deep Roots Offshoots please continue here to enroll.