Deep Roots Massage & Bodywork Staff

Deep Roots therapists are licensed professionals who practice study and train together in the science and art of massage therapy. No matter who you choose to work with, you can trust that your therapist is capable of delivering a wide range of pressure, depth and techniques specific to your need.

The most important aspect of great massage is communication. A Deep Roots therapist will always ask about your goals and expectations before your massage, pay close attention to your requests and check in with you regularly to ensure the work is appropriate for your body.

Mark Rebillard, LMT

Mark is the founder of Deep Roots Massage & Bodywork. "Years before I started my career as an LMT, I got a wonderful massage from a friend who was about to graduate with honors from a great program. I remember feeling relaxed, two inches taller! and the pain that I'd been carrying around for weeks was gone. Years later, I recognize that my result was extraordinary because my therapist was an avid scholar, a talented professional and a trusted friend. It's that same experience that we're working to provide for every client of Deep Roots Massage."

Mark is honored to have played a part in helping people relieve headaches, sciatic nerve pain, and muscle pain associated with TMJ, osteoarthritis, ITB syndrome, wrist pain and many other conditions. Mark was voted #1 for Massage Therapy from 2011 through 2018 in the Monadnock Shopper News Readers poll.

Recent Reviews:
"I was truly impressed by the massage that I had with Mark Rebillard. Mark clearly has a thorough understanding of anatomy, and his techniques are unlike any other massage that I've ever had. It was the most unique, therapeutic massage I've ever had."

"I had been suffering from an intense TMJ headache for several days. I saw Mark and he worked his magic. He found the trigger points causing me pain and within a few hours I was almost pain free. The following day I WAS. Thank you Mark."

Cassie Sundstrom, LMT

Cassie has been providing therapeutic massage to both men and women since 2006. And, since 2013, she’s brought her joyful presence, enthusiasm and hard work ethic to Deep Roots. Cassie’s sessions incorporate combinations of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Massage as well as Michael Young’s Muscle Release Technique. Cassie enjoys creating a wholesome, therapeutic environment for her clients to enjoy. She makes it a priority to build confident, trusting client-therapist relationships. Each of Cassie’s treatment sessions are individually designed to achieve maximum benefit for her client.

A Recent Review:
“Cassie is just incredible. She has such a great working knowledge of the muscle skeletal system. I have been getting massages for 30 years and she is by far the best." -MW

Sam Boothroyd, LMT

Sam has studied Lomi Lomi, a traditional Hawaiian massage, and loves learning new things. She is interested in the mechanical workings of the body and finding the best way to help bring people into wellness. She likes giving deep tissue massage and working with people to find a reprieve from chronic pain. She also has a passion for working with those who experience migraines and anxiety.

A Recent Review:
“The rotation and massage on my neck was something I had never had before and it was wonderful. My neck hasn't felt this good in years. She also did a really great job on my lower back. Give her an A+++++.” ~ C.W.

Abigail McCoy, LMT

Abigail loves that, at Deep Roots, "there’s the idea that massage has a physiological benefit and we’re going to teach you how to bring about that benefit. I like the dynamic of it being a partnership, it’s not just me treating the person … but also encouraging them to be engaged in their own therapy,” she says.

A Recent Review:
“She employed techniques that I hadn't seen from anyone else at DR and they were effective, she was clearly confident about her ability. Thanks, Abigail! The stuff you did to my neck was awesome.

Angelique Shepard, LMT

Angelique graduated with honors from River Valley Community College in 2011. Her joyful and enthusiastic approach to her work is well complimented by an impressive depth of experience, knowledge and skill. Always curious, always learning and always thinking of ways to help her clients.

A Recent Review:
"Angelique was very knowledgeable about what I needed for my problem. Not only did she do the massage, but she showed me some stretches that would help with my IT band." ~ G.B.

Juniper Christgau, LMT

“I like to start with the mindset that anyone on my table could have trauma, anyone on my table could have proprioceptive needs, anyone on my table could have an underlying health issue that they haven’t discovered yet. This is why listening to the body is so important – for both, it’s a partnership.”

Juniper is very interested in orthopedic massage and deep tissue massage, in working with people who have experienced trauma, and in helping to make massage more accessible to people of all abilities.

Recent Reviews:
"Juniper was exceptional. I really enjoyed the techniques she used to address stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades. She fits right in with the deep roots team. She has an amazing career ahead of her. Thank you!"

"She's great, and I really like the energy she brings to a massage."

Heather Spaulding, LMT

Heather graduated from The Massage School in Easthampton MA in 2017, and is inspired to help people maintain (or restore) freedom of movement and quality of life without chemical interventions. She feels that massage offers clients autonomy with regard to their treatment and empowers them to help themselves. Heather enjoys a range of techniques, from relaxation massage to deep tissue work. She loves acquiring knowledge, and learns something new every day. When she's not working, she can be found reading, hanging out with her dog, attempting to establish a yoga practice, wandering the woods, or looking for a beach.

Recent Reviews:
"Heather was great! She knew exactly what to do to relieve pain from certain areas. The entire space is calm and relaxing. Thank you!"

"All communication was clear and friendly. Heather Spaulding is very skilled and professional."

Casey Carroll, LMT

Casandra Carroll, LMT graduated in 2016 from River Valley College with a certificate in Massage Therapy. Casey's specialties include Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue. Her main goal is working with clients to develop the right treatment plans that focus on their needs, whether that’s reducing stress and pain or improving their range of motion.

A Recent Review:
"Casey was so nice and helpful and I will definitely coming back to see her because I felt awesome when I left." – JS

Sarah Bessonett, LMT

Sarah came to Deep Roots straight out of her training at the Cortiva Institute in Connecticut. She loves working on the intricacies of the neck, getting rid of tension that causes headaches. She also enjoys myofascial work and Swedish massage.

A Recent Review:
"Sarah was amazing. In only half an hour, she traced my problem muscled group up and down my back and gave me real relief from my pain. Thank you, once again, Deep Roots!"