Deep Roots Massage & Bodywork Staff

Deep Roots therapists are licensed professionals who practice study and train together in the science and art of massage therapy. No matter who you choose to work with, you can trust that your therapist is capable of delivering a wide range of pressure, depth and techniques specific to your need.

The most important aspect of great massage is communication. A Deep Roots therapist will always ask about your goals and expectations before your massage, pay close attention to your requests and check in with you regularly to ensure the work is appropriate for your body.

Mark Rebillard, LMT

Mark is the founder of Deep Roots Massage & Bodywork. "Long before I started my career as an LMT, I got a wonderful massage from a friend who was about to graduate with honors from a great program. I remember feeling relaxed, two inches taller! and the pain that I'd been carrying around for weeks was gone. Years later, I recognize that my result was extraordinary because my therapist was an avid scholar, a talented professional and a trusted friend. It's that same experience that we're working to provide for every client of Deep Roots Massage."

Mark is honored to have played a part in helping people relieve headaches, sciatic nerve pain, and muscle pain associated with TMJ, osteoarthritis, ITB syndrome, wrist pain and many other conditions. Mark was voted #1 for Massage Therapy from 2011 through 2016 in the Monadnock Shopper News Readers poll.

Cassie Sundstrom, LMT

Cassie has been providing therapeutic massage to both men and women since 2006. And for the last 3 years, she’s brought her joyful presence, enthusiasm and hard work ethic to Deep Roots. Cassie’s sessions incorporate combinations of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Massage as well as Michael Young’s Muscle Release Technique. Cassie enjoys creating a wholesome, therapeutic environment for her clients to enjoy. She makes it a priority to build confident, trusting client-therapist relationships. Each of Cassie’s treatment sessions are individually designed to achieve maximum benefit for her client.

A Recent Review:
“Cassie is just incredible. She has such a great working knowledge of the muscle skeletal system. I have been getting massages for 30 years and she is by far the best." -MW

Erica Secord, LMT

Erica Secord brought 8 years of experience as a Massage Therapist in gyms and spas to her practice at Deep Roots Massage. In every massage, she demonstrates clarity, presence and an inquisitive approach that informs her work to the delight of her clients. Erica specializes in Swedish-style relaxation, Myofascial and Deep Tissue Massage. Erica enjoys working with her clients to both meet their specific goals and engender an overall sense of well-being.

A Recent Review:
“Erica was great. She was very receptive to everything I was communicating about my soreness. I've already recommended her to friends!” -MC

Angelique Shepard, LMT

Angelique graduated with honors from River Valley Community College in 2011. Her joyful and enthusiastic approach to her work is well complimented by an impressive depth of experience, knowledge and skill. Always curious, always learning and always thinking of ways to help her clients.

A Recent Review:
Angelique was very knowledgeable about what I needed for my problem. Not only did she do the massage, but she showed me some stretches that would help with my IT band. -GB

Shelby Sheridan, LMT

Shelby started working with us last fall when she was an intern and got rave reviews from clients and therapists alike and showed so much promise that we invited her to train with the professional team while still a student. If you prefer more intense bodywork, don't let her size fool you! Shelby can deliver on a wide spectrum of pressure, but most importantly Shelby demonstrates a solid understanding of massage, anatomy and variety of techniques to achieve results. She's a quick learner and an intuitive body worker. We're so thrilled she chose to build a career here.

A Recent Review:
"I just wanted to note that Shelby is excellent! She appears to know what she is talking about and has always done a wonderful job the three times I've been in. She is also very pleasant to chat with and shows a genuine interest in exploring what might be causing problems. Five Stars plus one for Shelby!" -WL

Stephanie McPhail, LMT

Stephanie joined the Deep Roots team in early 2017, after graduating from Northeastern Institute of Whole Health in Manchester, NH, in November 2016. She is immersed in deep tissue techniques and approaches to both sports massage and Swedish-style relaxation. She is thrilled to continue her training and professional development with Deep Roots so that she can bring ease and relief to her clients.

A Recent Review:
"Stephanie was wonderful and focused on the areas I needed it most and she was so nice! I feel very happy I went."

Casey Carroll, LMT

Casey Carroll, LMT, graduated from River Valley Community College in 2016. Her specialties are Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage. Her goal for every client is to increase their comfort and range of motion, and improve their enjoyment of life through quality, individualized care.

A Recent Review:
"Casey was so nice and helpful and I will definitely coming back to see her because I felt awesome when I left." – JS

Michael Jacovina, LMT

Michael practiced on Long Island for 11 years before moving to the Keene area to be closer to his family.

He enjoys a number of different massage modalities, including sports massage, myofascial release, medical massage, and prenatal. He has also trained in Amma therapy – a 5,000-year-old Chinese bodywork method, and he supplements a largely Swedish massage with that protocol.

A Recent Review:
Michael AKA Mikey is Awesome!! ... He makes me feel very comfortable and I can let go of all my stress and worries. My body needs this attention once a month. Thank you!! – MD

Sean Morrison, LMT

Sean worked in spas in Connecticut and as a teaching assistant at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy before coming to Deep Roots, and specializes in orthopedic massage here.

A Recent Review:
“I was very impressed with Sean. I have MS and ... have been dealing with a lot of pain in my legs to the point I couldn't walk far. Sean massaged my lower legs and I have been pain free for 3 days now. I am looking forward to my next visit.” ~ DH