Deep Roots Massage
Juniper Christgau, LMT

Juniper Thurston, LMT

“I like to start with the mindset that anyone on my table could have trauma, anyone on my table could have proprioceptive needs, anyone on my table could have an underlying health issue that they haven’t discovered yet. This is why listening to the body is so important – for both, it’s a partnership.”

Juniper is very interested in orthopedic massage and deep tissue massage, in working with people who have experienced trauma, and in helping to make massage more accessible to people of all abilities.

Recent Reviews:
“Juniper was exceptional. I really enjoyed the techniques she used to address stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades. She fits right in with the deep roots team. She has an amazing career ahead of her. Thank you!”

“She’s great, and I really like the energy she brings to a massage.”

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