We know that there are great benefits to regular massage…

Regular massage helps to reduce and manage stress, reduce chronic muscle pain and fatigue, increase joint mobility, reduce headaches and just feel better.

We also know that you're busy…

Life’s responsibilities will always grow to fill your schedule if you don’t make your time a priority.

Membership at Deep Roots makes it easy to commit to your wellness goals.

How it works:

Members get unlimited access to massage and gift certificates at 20% off our standard rates, simply by subscribing to a minimum of 60-minutes of massage per month for 12 months.

A monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from a member's debit or credit card,(like a gym membership) which buys a credit for massage. Each monthly massage credit last for two months before it expires. Members can can check the the status of their account and schedule appointments online or by phone. They can also choose to share their membership with up to 2 people in their immediate family or household.

Best of all, membership is free! We hold a one month security deposit and you agree to call at least 24 hours prior to cancelling an appointment. After 12 months your subscription is month to month and you can cancel anytime. Your security deposit can then be used for your last massage.

Additional benefits:

Members also get exclusive access to $20 one hour massages with our interns and free or discounted professional training sessions. We offer free self care classes and other special service offerings for members throughout the year (like our annual mix-it-up promotion: $45 for one hour massage with a any therapist that's new to you).


$64 monthly = One 60-minute Massage/month ($80 regular)
$72 monthly = Two 30-minute Massages/month ($90 regular)
$79 monthly = One 75-minute Massage/month ($100 regular)
$94 monthly = One 90-minute Massage/month ($120 regular)
$102 monthly = Two 45-min. Massages/month ($130 regular)
$128 monthly = One 60-min. Couples Massage/month ($160 regular)

A one-year membership makes a great gift too!
Buy 12 hours of massage in advance and get the the benefits of membership for one year.

Call us to start your membership with your next appointment at 603-352-0734.