Deep Roots Massage

Savings Bank of Walpole

It’s time to relax and celebrate the awesome staff at SBW.  Get a FREE 15 minute chair massage on-site at either the Marlboro St Keene. or Walpole office on Friday March 1 from 10AM to 2PM.

Sign Up Before!

Call us at 603-439-0321 to schedule directly or you can request the time for your massage in Walpole or Keene using the appropriate calendar below. Start by choosing the day, March 1st and then click the search button. Then request the time that works best for you. Once your appointment is confirmed, we'll send a confirmation text or email right away. PLEASE NOTE: There may be times when two people request the same appointment time almost simultaneously. In this case, we'll reach out one party by text or phone ASAP to find another time that works. Thanks!

Time Periods

15 Minute Chair Massages
Keene: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Walpole: 10:00AM - 2:00PM


Every Deep Roots therapist is a seasoned professional and really good at what they do! Keene: Carson Smith. Dakota Heinemeyer & Tessa Dengler
Walpole: Kate Coburn


With respect for everyone's time, massage appointments will begin and end ON TIME. Please try to show up a few minutes early to take full advantage of your session.
(15 minutes of massage is way better than 10... and a 5 minute massage is just silly).
If you find you can't make it, please let us know ASAP or find a colleague to take your place.

SBW Keene on Marlboro St

SBW Walpole