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Team Member Testimonials

I love the camaraderie of my coworkers. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of my schedule. I am thankful for the feeling of equality! One of the highlights about working here is that we practice, explore and experiment in our massage lab! Need I say more? It is my #1 job of all jobs that I've held in my lifetime!

I feel very fortunate to be here at Deep Roots, we have a wonderful staff and supportive, fun atmosphere. This work environment facilitates and supports my development as a massage therapist. Here I can work with clients with a variety of issues that sharpen my skills and motivate me to learn more. I love the fact that we can share our knowledge in massage lab.

I am proud to work at Deep Roots with a skilled team of therapists that share a vision who are always learning new ways to treat our clients. I love the continued training and mentoring between therapists. Even though I'm a newer therapist I feel respected and valued.