Welcome Sarah Bessonett!

Sarah Bessonett is Deep Roots Massage and Bodywork's newest massage therapist.

Sarah comes to Deep Roots having completed her training with a 4.0 GPA at the Cortiva Institute in Connecticut. With an additional set of hours at North Eastern Institute of Whole Health, Inc. in Manchester, New Hampshire, she was ready for her N.H. license and for Deep Roots to snap her up!

Sarah recently moved to the Brattleboro area from Connecticut to find more wide open spaces.

“Initially, I moved here planning to look for a job, but in the moving process I found Deep Roots and fell in love,” Sarah says.

She loves working on the intricacies of the neck, getting rid of tension that causes headaches. She also enjoys myofascial work and Swedish massage. Sarah has already gotten a taste of how Deep Roots therapists train together and learn from each other.

“I just finished up all of my training and I worked with two other therapists each day … it was really cool. I learned so much.”

Sarah studied English and education in college – she planned to be an English teacher.

“I was in college and I really didn’t like it, I felt trapped there,” she says. “I moved back home and I found Cortiva, and (massage therapy training) made so much sense. I’d been doing yoga for a while, and I’ve always been interested in the body – it was great to find something that I was passionate about and interested in.”

She has been described as “tiny but powerful,” and Mark Rebillard, Deep Roots’ owner, calls her “super-nice and effervescent!”