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Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Workshop

Tree Meditation for Pain

Studies have shown that meditation calms the brain patterns underlying pain. Medical professionals are prescribing meditation to ease suffering due to a range of illnesses including: cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, and labor pain. Mindfulness meditation can help improve mood and quality of life in chronic pain sufferers; reduce the likelihood of experiencing psychological problems, addictive or self-destructive behavior; enhance the ability to cope with stress, the immune system, emotional intelligence, working memory, and overall brain function

Clarence DeMar Marathon & Half Marathon and Kids Marathon - September 25th

We're proud to sponsor the Clarence DeMar Marathon, with our entire team providing post race massage (except for Erica who'll be running the half)! The DeMar is an incredible community event that embraces all ages. We'll be there until the last runner crosses the line.