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Juniper Cristgau, LMT

Juniper Christgau is one of the newer hires here at Deep Roots, discovered when she joined us as an intern this summer. When you picture “intern” you probably are thinking of a different person, though. This single mother of six kids ages 4 to 16 didn’t come to us as a newly established adult – she came with a unique set of experiences that have helped make her a great therapist!

Introducing Abigail McCoy, LMT

Abigail McCoy was living the life of a starving artist. As a freelance illustrator, she knew she was going to need another income stream to help make ends meet, but she had no intention of spending that much time doing something that had no meaning for her.

“I told myself I wasn’t going to get a part-time or day job I didn’t love,” she says. “I always loved massage, and was always interested in alternative and holistic health care methods … so I said, ‘why not?’”

Turns out, it was the right choice.

Brian Strauss LMT joins massage staff

When he went to an information session at The Massage School in Easthampton, Mass., Brian Strauss had been an art teacher, he’d done some entry-level management work, and he was working with adults with developmental disabilities.

His wife Sam Boothroyd, now also a Deep Roots massage therapist, had encouraged him to try out the program.

“I figured, if nothing else, I’d give my wife better massages,” he said.

But as it turned out, he’s now available to give Deep Roots clientele great massages.

Welcoming Sam Boothroyd to Deep Roots

Sam Boothroyd knows headaches. In fact, when she came to Deep Roots as an intern over the summer and learned self-massage techniques from Mark Rebillard, they became part of a 20-minute-a-day routine that put her own regular and debilitating migraines to a near stop.

“I love to help people with migraines, whenever I see anybody on the schedule with a headache I get excited to try techniques,” Sam says. “When I see someone who has migraines, I know how much it’s affecting their life.”

Meet Heather Spaulding, LMT

Heather Spaulding’s arrival at Deep Roots coincided (im)perfectly with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Evenings and weekends open back up

At Deep Roots, we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to open back up, safely, and better our knowledge and skills in the process. We're coming back strong!

We are open!!

A few things have changed, but the health and safety of our clients and staff is still our first priority. We've kept a close watch on emerging federal, state and professional guidelines to keep our clients and staff safe, and we're taking every measure to meet and exceed them.

Introducing Tessa

From volunteering with Americorps to a career working with children with special needs comes Tessa Montano, the latest new face at Deep Roots!

Erica's back!

Erica after the DeMar Marathon

To Deep Roots regulars, Erica Secord probably isn’t a stranger. She employed her low-key, intuitive massage practice here for almost five years and became one our most requested therapists. And now, after taking about a year for some self care, she’s rejuvenated and ready to put her all into her practice again.

Eben Dodd, LMT joins Deep Roots

Though he’s spent the last 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area, Eben Dodd is no stranger to New England. Born in Boston, his grandparents had lived in Putney, Vermont since before he was born, and Eben and his family moved to join them when he was still in high school.

Before moving “back East” in August with his children - Lea, 10, and Ian, 13 - he did some research on jobs in massage work in the area and landed on Deep Roots.