Deep Roots Massage

Brattleboro Retreat

Brattleboro Retreat logoRecharge, relax and relieve your muscle aches and pains with a 30 minute massage for only $20 that you can schedule online. Thanks to the wellness team at Brattleboro Retreat who subsidize a portion of workplace massages for employees! 

Massages are now offered every other Monday & Thursday until May 28th.  After that the schedule will be Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Massage appointments are available to all Brattleboro Retreat employees alternating Mondays &Thursdays at the Bakery / Employee Fitness Room.

If you have not already received your key to the Bakery, please go to or HR at ext. 6187


30 Minutes for $20
One 30 minute massage per client to make sure more folks can particiapte.


Every other Monday 12:00-4:30
Kate Coburn, LMT (Kate is awesome, you're going to like her work.)
Every other Thursday 11:00-3:30
Heather Spaulding, LMT (Heather's awesome too, but you probably know that already!)

Day of Sign Up

There will be a sign up sheet on the door of the massage room during practice hours If there are available openings you can sign up there to take one! (The online scheduling tool allows you to book only until noon on the same day).

Online Scheduling

You can see available appointments and request appointment times up to 4 weeks in advance using the calendar below. Be sure you choose the day that you want (MONDAY or THURSDAY) from the calendar below and select an available time. (Nothing will show if all the appointments are taken that day). Once you've selected an appointment time and day, we'll call or text you back to confirm your appointment and get payment info.

Got an unpredictable work schedule? We've got you covered. Click the button below see the available appointments the day before.