Deep Roots Massage

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Happy Hospital Employee Appreciation Week!  Get a FREE 15 minute chair massage on-site at BMH from a great massage therapist on Wednesday, May 10 or Thursday May 11 from 12:30-5PM in a conference room TBD.

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Use the calendar below to select Wednesday, May 10 or Thursday May 11. Then select your therapist and time.
PLEASE NOTE: There may be times when two people request the same appointment time almost simultaneously. In this case, we'll reach out one party by text or phone ASAP to find another time that works. Thanks!

Time Periods

15 Minutes


Every Deep Roots therapist is a seasoned professional and really good at what they do.
Angelique Shepard, LMT
Ashten Vogtritter, LMT
Kathleen Markiewicz, LMT


With respect for everyone's time, massage appointments will end ON TIME. Please try to show up a few minutes early to take full advantage of your session. (15 minutes of massage is way better than 10... and less than 10 is just silly). If you find you can't make it, please ask another doctor to take your place if you can.