Introducing Tessa

From volunteering with Americorps to a career working with children with special needs comes Tessa Montano, the latest new face at Deep Roots!

Tessa, a Windsor, Vt. native, has been interested in massage all her life, but put it on the back burner while she worked toward her degree in psychology. Her stint in Americorps was in Atlanta, Georgia – her first time living outside of Vermont. There, she worked in a psychiatric facility providing enrichment activities, tutoring in math and literacy, and play for the children there, “to add some fun to their lives.”

Back in Windsor, she worked one-on-one with a child who had behavioral disorders, and now teaches at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene’s Children’s Learning Center.

As a newly licensed massage therapist, she now brings her ethic of compassion and service to our field – and specifically to Deep Roots.

“I love to learn new things, I love to take classes, so I’m really attracted to the fact that that’s the viewpoint from what I’ve heard from the employees there – it’s really a culture of learning,” she said. “I get the impression that Deep Roots really gives back to the community and wants to be involved. I really feel like they’re such a great community and everybody just wants to help each other grow.”

With Mark Rebillard, who owns Deep Roots, the feelings were mutual.

“I use a short checklist during interviews to remind me of the traits we hope to see in a new therapist,” he said. “Presence, maturity, curiosity, empathy, communication skills and a desire to learn and share with a group to be the best professional you can be. Tessa easily demonstrated them all ... and then went on to impress four out of four fellow therapists with her evaluation massages. It’s a thrill to work with someone so capable and eager to grow.”

Tessa trained at River Valley Technical School here in Keene in a year-long full-time program while also working full time. She lives with her boyfriend in Keene, reading mysteries, hiking, and learning to play the guitar in her spare time.

While she doesn’t yet have a specialty, she’s hoping to learn more about deep tissue and myofascial modalities, and she would like to help oncology patients through specialized massage.

She’ll be working nights and weekends.