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Current Openings:

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Deep Roots Massage is a thriving massage company in Keene, NH. Dedicated to advancing our profession through evidence and outcome based massage; we help people to reduce stress, recover from injury, and reduce chronic pain. Most importantly, we are committed to providing a workplace that’s fun and fair.

Our success stems from the job-satisfaction and opportunities for professional growth of that our employees enjoy. Happy employees make for happy clients. We’re poised for continued growth… and our story is just beginning!

We are seeking NH State licensed (or soon to be licensed) massage therapists who love the art and science of massage therapy. Therapists who enjoy working, sharing and honing their craft as part of a team.

We’re also seeking energetic, compassionate, customer-service superheroes who do the real heavy-lifting around here.

We offer:

  • A flexible schedule and a management ethic that places a high value on work/life balance.
  • 2 weeks paid time off after one year.
  • A 3% employer-matched IRA.
  • Unlimited free trades with other massage therapists and free monthly massage memberships for other full time staff.
  • Paid-tuition and paid-time for industry-leading instructor-led CEU training and in-house workshops (Our therapists all took advantage of least 14hrs of free CEU’s last year and over 50 hours of paid-time while training and working together to hone our skills).
  • Paid-time for one on one self-directed workshops with designated coaching staff.
  • Paid-time for no-show appointments and weather incidents.

What it's like to work here:

"I love the camaraderie of my coworkers. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of my schedule. I am thankful for the feeling of equality! One of the highlights about working here is that we practice, explore and experiment in our massage lab! Need I say more? It is my #1 job of all jobs that I've held in my lifetime!"

"I feel very fortunate to be here at Deep Roots, we have a wonderful staff and supportive, fun atmosphere. This work environment facilitates and supports my development as a massage therapist. Here I can work with clients with a variety of issues that sharpen my skills and motivate me to learn more. I love the fact that we can share our knowledge in massage lab."

"I am proud to work at Deep Roots with a skilled team of therapists that share a vision who are always learning new ways to treat our clients. I love the continued training and mentoring between therapists. Even though I'm a newer therapist I feel respected and valued."