Brian Strauss LMT joins massage staff

When he went to an information session at The Massage School in Easthampton, Mass., Brian Strauss had been an art teacher, he’d done some entry-level management work, and he was working with adults with developmental disabilities.

His wife Sam Boothroyd, now also a Deep Roots massage therapist, had encouraged him to try out the program.

“I figured, if nothing else, I’d give my wife better massages,” he said.

But as it turned out, he’s now available to give Deep Roots clientele great massages.

“As soon as it started, I knew I loved it,” he says. “I see someone they have pain, they have stress, and I can be involved in the process of helping them in their wellness.”

After being licensed in Massachusetts, he worked for a national chain and a local spa in Northampton, Mass. But there was something missing in the offerings available to him as a therapist.

“I wanted to work with people on an ongoing basis, not just for an anniversary and birthdays, and have a therapeutic relationship where I’m kind of seeing how the work is going and how someone’s doing over the course of time,” he says. “Where I can kind of challenge myself with improving and helping people manage pain, rather than just stick with the relaxation.”

So, Deep Roots – with its focus on therapeutic care – was an obvious choice, and the ongoing training was a major plus. He learned from earlier job postings, and then from Sam, an intern at Deep Roots at the time, that continuing education was a major component of work life here.

Sam “just had such a good experience there that I talked to Mark about interviewing. His passion for learning and supporting the learning of other therapists and wanting to be a place where therapists can grow and learn, and in that way provide better service, really came through.”

Avoiding stagnation, Brian says, is one of his guiding principles.

“It’s helping to push me forward because I want to keep growing. In a group of people with that kind of mindset, it just seems like a much more positive place to work that it would be otherwise.”

"He is just so down to earth, so humble and approachable and capable," says owner Mark Rebillard. "He’s somebody who wants to make a difference, he values helping people.”

Brian especially likes working on shoulders and with people who have chronic pain.

He and Sam live with their dog, cat, and two bunnies, and he’s recently returned to art by drawing, he says, “whatever’s in front of me.”


We’re coming back strong! At Deep Roots, we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to open back up, safely, and better our knowledge and skills in the process.

In fact, we’re opening up evening and weekend hours. Our new schedule is:

Monday & Tuesday - 8:30a.m.-4p.m.
Wednesday Through Friday - 8:30a.m.-9p.m.
Saturday - 9a.m.-5p.m.
Sunday - 11a.m.-5p.m.

How are we able to do that? In addition to the fantastic employees who had already returned to us after our COVID-19 closure, we are hiring several more! Stay tuned here to meet all of them.

There’s something else you should know: with help from the Paycheck Protection Program from the Cares Act, we were able to invite back employees for almost 8 weeks of work, even before we were able to see clients again. We "doubled down on our down time" by investing and paying our team to complete 250 hours of training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Academy of Clinical Massage. Mark Rebillard, Cassie Sundstrom, Casey Carroll, Sarah Bessonett, Angelique Shepard, and Heather Spaulding all took part in earning certificates in Corrective Exercise and Orthopedic Massage.

We continue to take precautions to be sure our clients and our therapists are as safe as they can be while providing excellent massage. Among the actions that have become rituals in our office: No one is allowed in without a health screen and a face mask, we change our scrubs and face masks in-between massages, and wipe all touched surfaces between clients. See the whole list here.

A demonstrated commitment to professional development as well as to the health and safety of our clients and staff has brought amazing new therapists to our team.